bleeding hearts tuffed in paper lace (sillyboyurwrong) wrote in xthegossipclub,
bleeding hearts tuffed in paper lace

okay girls i need some help...

first, am i the only one who writes in this thing?!

okay heres the story: theres a boy that goes to asu and i dated for like 18 months. his name was geoff. welp it was a messy bad horrible break-up. he honestly took my heart and distroyed it. the thing is we are spending so much time together latley and we have been really close "friends". i love this feeling that we have. last nite we made popcorn in the fireplace and cuddled while watching the little prince. i loved it so much.

well i guess you can tell where this is going.. its been 8 months since the break-up and im tempted to date him again and we've discussed it. i just dont know if i can trust him agian. honesty and truth are the top priority in any of my relationships/friendships. so do i let him back in. i think he can change

can people change??

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